Selected Publications


Kenneth M. Bauer

2015. “New homes, new lives: The impacts of resettlement on Tibetan nomads in Qinghai Province, PRC.” Nomadic Peoples 19(2): 209-220.

2014. “High Frontiers: Dolpo Revisited.” Tibet Journal 39(1): 157-181.

2013. “Are preventive and coping measures enough to avoid loss and damage from flooding in Udayapur District, Nepal?” International Journal of Global Warming 5(4): 433-451.

2012. Salick, Jan, Anja Byg, Kenneth Bauer. “Contemporary Tibetan Cosmology of Climate Change.” Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture 6(4):447-­476.

2011. Bauer, Kenneth, Geoff Childs, Sienna Craig, Andrew Fischer, eds. Development Transitions: Land, Labor and Social Policy in Tibet. Kathmandu: Himal Books.

2011. Bauer Kenneth, Yonten Nyima. “Laws and Regulations Impacting the Enclosure Movement on the Tibetan Plateau of China.” Himalaya 30(1-2):23­-37

2011. Bauer, Kenneth, Geoff Childs, Andrew Fischer. “Development in Tibet: Land, Labor and Social Policy in Context of Rapid Transition. ” Himalaya 30(1-­2):1­-7.

2011. “Training Women for Success: An Evaluation of Entrepreneurship Training Programs in Vermont, USA. ” Journal of Entrepreneurship Education 14: 1-24.

2010. Bauer, Kenneth, Antoni Magri. “The Herder's Environment: A GIS Case Study of Resource Use Patterns Among Pastoralists in Central Tibet.” Journal of Land Use Science 28 July, pp.1-12.

2010. Wang, Qingbin, Kenneth Bauer, Kathleen Liang. “Toward multidisciplinary entrepreneurship education.” International Journal of Innovation and Regional Development 2(1/2): 84-95.

2009. “On the Politics and the Possibilities of Participatory Mapping and GIS: Using Spatial Technologies to Study Common Property and Land Use Change Among Pastoralists in Central Tibet.” Cultural Geographies 16: 229-252.

2008. Bauer, Kenneth, Geoff Childs. “Demographics, Development, and the Environment in Tibetan Areas.” Journal of the International Association of Tibetan Studies 4:1-8.

2006. “Common Property and Power: Insights from Spatial Analysis of Historical and Contemporary Pasture Boundaries among Pastoralists in Central Tibet.” Journal of Political Ecology 13: 24-47.

2005. "Pastoral Development and the Enclosure Movement in the Tibet Autonomous Region since the 1980s.” Nomadic Peoples 9: 85-115.

2004. High Frontiers: Dolpo and the Changing World of Himalayan Pastoralists. Columbia University Press.

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Sienna Radha Craig

2017. Barriers to Tuberculosis Care Delivery among Miners and their Families in South Africa: An Ethnographic Study. LV. Adams, S.W. Grande, S.R. Craig, M.T. Partridge, N. Panth, V. Trump-Redd, M. Phalaste, A. Singo, K. Ntshekang, P. Osewe, A.G. Mulley. International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease 21(5): 571-578.

2017. What is Anthropology? In What is …? In D. Rockmore, ed. A guided Tour of the Great Ideas of the Liberal Arts. Lebanon, NH: University of New England Press.

2017    Ethnically Tibetan Women in Nepal with Low Hemoglobin Concentration Have Better Reproductive Outcomes. J.I. Cho, B. Basnyat, C. Jeong, A. DiRienzo, G. Childs, S.R. Craig, J. Sun, and C.M. Beall. Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health 2017(1): 82-96. DOI:

2016. Naming and Forgetting: Sowa Rigpa and the Recognition of Asian Medical Systems. S.R. Craig and B. Gerke. MedicineAnthropologyTheory. URL:

2016. Craig, S., C.M. Beall, G. Childs. Closing the Womb Door: Contraception Use and the Fertility Transition among Three Generations of Buddhist Women in Highland Nepal. Accepted, Maternal Child Health, special issue on mountain communities. DOI 10.1007/s10995-016-2017-x.

2015. (Co)Producing Efficacious Medicines: Collaborative Event Ethnography with Himalayan and Tibetan Sowa Rigpa Practitioners. C. Blaikie, S. Craig, B. Gerke, and T. Hofer. Current Anthropology 56(2): 178-204

2018    Exploring the Surgical Gaze through Literature and Art. K. Kirkland and S.R. Craig. Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) 319 (15): 1532-1534. URL:

2015. Alternative Accounting in Maternal and Infant Global Health. V. Adams, S. Craig, A. Samen. Global Public Health. DOI: 10.1080/17441692.2015.1021364 

 2014. Depopulation on a Himalayan Scale: Educational and Monastic Child Migration from Ethnically Tibetan Valleys in Nepal. G. Childs, S. Craig, C. Beall, B. Basnyet. Mountain Research and Development 34(2): 85-94.

2014. Tibetan Medicine in the World: Local Scenes, Global Transformations. In T. Hofer, ed. Bodies in Balance: The Art of Tibetan Medicine. Seattle: University of Washington Press, pp. 110-125.

2012. Healing Elements: Efficacy and the Social Ecologies of Tibetan Medicine. Berkeley: University of California Press.

2011. Migration, Social Change, Health, and the Realm of the Possible: Women’s Stories from Nepal to New York. Anthropology and Humanism 36(2):193-214.

2010 Medicine Between Science and Religion: Explorations on Tibetan Grounds. V. Adams, M. Schrempf, and S. Craig eds. London and New York: Berghahn Books.

2008. Horses Like Lightning: A Story of Passage through the Himalayas . Boston, MA: Wisdom Publications.

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Nathaniel J. Dominy

Nathaniel J. Dominy


Dominy NJ, Winters S, Pease DE, Higham JP (2018). Dr Seuss and the real Lorax. Nature Ecology and Evolution 2:1196-1198. (doi: 10.1038/s41559-018-0628-x)

Dominy NJ, Mills ST, Yakacki CM, Roscoe PB, Carpenter RD (2018). New Guinea bone daggers were engineered to preserve social prestige. Royal Society Open Science 5:172067. (doi: 10.1098/rsos.172067).

Amato KR, Sanders JG, Song SJ, Nute M, Metcalf JL, Thompson LR, Morton JT, Amir A, McKenzie VJ, Humphrey G, Gogul G, Gaffney J, Baden AL, Britton GAO, Cuozzo FP, Di Fiore A, Dominy NJ, Goldberg TL, Gomez A, Kowalewski MM, Lewis RJ, Link A, Sauther ML, Tecot S, White BA, Nelson KE, Stumpf RM, Knight R, Leigh SR (2018). Evolutionary trends in host physiology outweigh dietary niche in structuring primate gut microbiomes. The ISME Journal in press (doi: 10.1038/s41396-018-0175-0).

Dominy NJ, Yeakel JD (2017). Frankenstein and the horrors of competitive exclusion. BioScience 67:107-110. (doi: 10.1093/biosci/biw133)

Ramsier MA, Vinyard CJ, Dominy NJ (2017). Auditory sensitivity of the tufted capuchin (Sapajus apella), a test of allometric predictions. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 141:4822-4831. (doi:

Venkataraman VV, Kraft TS, Dominy NJ, Endicott KM (2017). Hunter-gatherer residential mobility and the marginal value of rainforest patches. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 114:3097-3102. (doi: 10.1073/pnas.1617542114)

Moritz GL, Ong PS, Perry GH, Dominy NJ (2017). Functional preservation and variation in the cone opsin genes of nocturnal tarsiers. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 372:20160075. (doi: 10.1098/rstb.2016.0075)    

Gochman SR, Brown MB, Dominy NJ (2016). Alcohol discrimination and preferences in two species of nectar-feeding primate. Royal Society Open Science 3:160217. (doi: 10.1098/rsos.160217)

Dominy NJ, Yeakel JD, Bhat U, Ramsden L, Wrangham RW, Lucas PW (2016). How chimpanzees integrate sensory information to select figs. Interface Focus 6:20160001. (doi: 10.1098/rsfs.2016.0001)

Mason VC, Li G, Minx P, Schmitz J, Churakov G, Doronina L, Melin AD, Dominy NJ, Lim NT-L, Springer MS, Wilson RK, Warren WC, Helgen KM, Murphy WJ (2016). Genomic analysis reveals hidden biodiversity within colugos, the sister group to primates. Science Advances 2:e1600633. (doi: 10.1126/sciadv.1600633)

Melin AD, Wells K, Moritz GL, Kistler L, Orkin JD, Timm RM, Bernard H, Lakim MB, Perry GH, Kawamura S, Dominy NJ (2016). Euarchontan opsin variation brings new focus to primate origins. Molecular Biology and Evolution 33:1029-1041. (doi: 10.1093/molbev/msv346)

Butler EE, Dominy NJ (2016). Architecture and functional ecology of the human gastrocnemius muscle-tendon unit. Journal of Anatomy 228:561-568. (doi: 10.1111/joa.12432)

Valenta K, Edwards M, Rafaliarison RR, Johnson SE, Holmes SM, Brown KA, Dominy NJ, Lehman SM, Parra EJ, Melin AD (2016). Visual ecology of true lemurs suggests a cathemeral origin for the primate cone opsin polymorphism. Functional Ecology 30:932-942. (doi: 10.1111/1365-2435.12575)

Dominy NJ (2015). Ferment in the family tree. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 112:308-309. (doi: 10.1073/pnas.1421566112)

Dominy NJ (2015). Reindeer vision explains the benefits of a glowing nose. Frontiers for Young Minds 3:18. (doi: 10.3389/frym.2015.00018)

Kraft TS, Wright SJ, Turner I, Lucas PW, Oufiero CE, Supardi Noor MN, Sun I-F, Dominy NJ (2015). Seed size and the evolution of leaf defences. Journal of Ecology 103:1057-1068. (doi: 10.1111/1365-2745.12407).

Crowley BE, Melin AD, Yeakel JD, Dominy NJ (2015). Do oxygen isotope values in collagen reflect the ecology and physiology of neotropical mammals? Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 3:127. (doi: 10.3389/fevo.2015.00127)

Hernández Salazar LT, Dominy NJ, Laska M (2015). The sensory systems of Alouatta: Evolution with an eye to ecology. In Kowalewski M, Garber PA, Cortés-Ortiz L, Urbani B, Youlatos D (eds) Howler monkeys: Adaptive radiation, systematics, and morphology. Springer, New York, pp. 317-336. (doi: 10.1007/978-1-4939-1957-4_12)

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Image of Dale Eickelman

Dale F. Eickelman

Higher Education Investment in the Arab States of the Gulf: Strategies for Excellence and Diversity, ed. Dale F. Eickelman and Rogaia Mustafa Abusharaf (Berlin: Gerlach Press, 2017)

Africa and the Gulf Region: Blurred Boundaries and Shifting Ties, ed. Rogaia Mustafa Abusharaf and Dale F. Eickelman (Berlin: Gerlach Press, 2015)

“The Modern Face of Ibadism in Oman,” in On Ibadism, ed. Angeliki Ziyaka (Hildesheim and New York: Georg Olms Verlag, 2014), pp. 151-63.

“Social Science under Siege: The Middle East.” In Serendipity in Anthropological Research: The Nomadic Turn, ed. Haim Hazan and Esther Herzog. Farnham, UK: Ashgate, 2012, pp. 213-27.

“Media in Islamic and Area Studies: Personal Encounters,” Oriente Moderno 91, no. 1 (2011): 13-22.

“Mainstreaming Islam: Taking Charge of the Faith,” Encounters, no. 2 (Spring 2010): 185-203. 

“Not Lost in Translation: The Influence of Clifford Geertz’s Work and Life on Anthropology in Morocco.” In Clifford Geertz in Morocco, ed. Susan Slyomovics. London: Routledge, 2010, pp. 67-77.

“Culture and Identity in the Middle East: How They Influence Governance.” In Fighting Chance: Global Trends and Shocks in the National Security Environment, ed. Neyla Arnas. Washington: National Defense University Press and Potomac Books, 2009, pp. 157-72.

“Foreword” (pp. vii-xi) and “Interview with Muhammad Shahrur” (pp. 501-23) in The Qur‘an, Morality, and Critical Reason: The Essential Muhammad Shahrur, trans. Andreas Christmann. Leiden: Brill, 2009.

 “Madrasas in Morocco: Their Vanishing Public Role,” in Schooling Islam: The Culture and Politics of Modern Muslim Education, ed. Robert W. Hefner and Muhammad Qasim Zaman. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2007, pp. 131-48.

 “Social Sciences and the Quran,” in Encyclopedia of the Qur’an, vol. 5, ed. Jane Dammen McAuliffe. Leiden: Brill, 2006, pp. 66-76.

“Clifford Geertz and Islam,” in Clifford Geertz by His Colleagues, ed. Richard A. Shweder and Byron Good. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 2005, pp. 63-75.

“First Know the Enemy, Then Act,” in Anthropologists in the Public Sphere: Speaking Out on War, Peace, and American Power, ed. Roberto J. Gonzalez, Austin: University of Texas Press, 2004, 2004, pp. 214-18  (First published in the Los Angeles Times, 2001).

Muslim Politics, co-authored with James Piscatori, new edition. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2004.

Public Islam and the Common Good, ed. Armando Salvatore and Dale F. Eickelman Leiden: Brill, 2004

Muslim Politics , with J Piscatori, new edition (2004).

New Media in the Muslim World: The Emerging Public Sphere, 2nd edition, co-edited with Jon W. Anderson. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. 2003.

The Middle East and Central Asia: An Anthropological Approach, 4th edition. Upper Saddle River NJ: Prentice Hall. 2002.

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Kirk Endicott

Endicott, Kirk. “Peaceful sociality: The causes of nonviolence among the Orang Asli of Malaysia.” In Jon Henrik Ziegeler Remme and Kenneth Sillander, eds., Human Nature and Social Life. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 97-109. 2017.

Venkataram, Vivek V., Thomas Kraft, Nathaniel J. Dominy, and Kirk M. Endicott. “Hunter-gatherer residential mobility and the marginal value of rainforest patches.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Vol. 114, No. 12, pp. 3097-3102. 2017.

Endicott, Kirk, ed., Malaysia's "Original People": Past, Present and Future of the Orang Asli. Singapore National University Press, 2016.

Endicott, Kirk. "Introduction." In K. Endicott, ed., Malaysia's “Original People”: Past, Present and Future of the Orang Asli. National University of Singapore Press, Singapore, pp. 1-38. 2016.

Endicott, Kirk, Lye Tuck-Po, Nurul Fatanah Zahari, and Alice Rudge. "Batek playing Batek for tourists at Peninsular Malaysia’s National Park." Hunter Gatherer Research, Vol. 2, No. 1, pp. 95-118. 2016.

Endicott, Karen and Kirk Endicott. "Batek childrearing and morality." In D. Narvaez, A. Fuentes, and P. Gray, eds., Ancestral Landscapes in Human Evolution: Culture, Childrearing and Social Wellbeing. Oxford University Press, New York, pp. 108-25. 2014.

Endicott, Kirk. "Peaceful foragers: The significance of the Batek and Moriori for the question of innate human violence." In D. Fry, ed., War, Peace, and Human Nature. Oxford University Press, New York, pp. 241-61. 2013.

Endicott, Kirk and Karen Endicott, The Headman Was a Woman: The Gender Egalitarian Batek of Malaysia, Malaysian edition. Subang Jaya, Malaysia: Center for Orang Asli Concerns, 2012. Includes DVD “The Batek: Rainforest Foragers of Kelantan, Malaysia.”

Endicott, Kirk. "Cooperative autonomy: Social solidarity among the Batek of Malaysia." In T. Gibson and K. Sillander, eds., Anarchic Solidarity: Autonomy, Equality, and Fellowship in Southeast Asia. Yale University Council on Southeast Asia Studies, New Haven, CT, pp. 62-87. 2011.

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Sergei A. Kan

Book  Sharing Our Knowledge: the Tlingit and Their Coastal Neighbors. University of Nebraska Press. 2015.,675970.aspx

Book  Vincent Soboleff: A Russian-American Photographer in Tlingit Country. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press. 2013.

The 2015 Western History Association Joan Patterson Kerr Award for the best illustrated book on the American West.

Book  Symbolic Immortality: the Tlingit Potlatch of the Nineteenth Century.   Second Edition (Revised and expanded).  University of Washington Press. 2015.

[1990 Before Columbus Foundation American Book Award].

Book  Memory Eternal: Tlingit Culture and Russian Orthodox Christianity through Two Centuries. University of Washington Press.  1999.

Edited Volume and Journal  A collection of paper entitled “Individuals and Groups of Mixed Russian-Native     Parentage in Siberia, Russian America, and Alaska.” Ethnohistory 60 (3).  2013.

Edited Volume and Journal  Perspectives on Native North America: Cultures, Histories, and Representations. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press.  (Co-edited with Pauline Turner Strong).  2006.

Book  Lev Shternberg, Anthropologist, Russian Socialist, Jewish Activist.  Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press. 2009.,673329.aspx


Edited Volume and Journal  Strangers to Relatives: The Adoption and Naming of Anthropologists in Native North America. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press. 2001.

Article. 2016. (Co-authored with Dmitry Arzyutov) Bernhard J. Stern (1894-1960) and the Saga of Publishing Lewis Henry Morgan's Collected Works in pre-World War II Soviet Russia. PP. 149-220 In Histories of Anthropology Annual, vol. 10. Ed. by Regna Darnell and Frederick Gleach. Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press. 2016

Article 2016. To Study Our Past, Make Sense of Our Present and Develop Our National Consciousness: Lev Shternberg’s Comprehensive Program for Jewish Ethnography in Soviet Russia.  Pp. 64-84 In Going to the People: Jews and the Ethnographic Impulse.  Ed. by Dov-Ber Kerler and Jeffrey Veidlinger.  Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press. 

Article  2015.  The Falling Out Between Alexander Goldenweiser and Robert Lowie: Two Prsonalities, Two VIsions of Anthropology.  Pp. 1-31 In  From Corridor Talk to Culture History. History of Anthropology Annual, vol. 9.  Ed. by Regna Darnell and Frederick Gleach.

University of Washington Press.

Article  2013. Sergei Ionovich Kostromitinov (1854-1915) or "Colonel George Kostrometinoff": from a Creole Teenager to the Number One Russian-American Citizen of Sitka.  Ethnohistory 60(3): 385-402.

Article   2009  Alexander Goldenweiser’s Politics.  Pp. 182-199 In Histories of Anthropology Annual.  Vol. 5.  Ed. by Regna Darnell and Frederick Gleach.  Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press.                                       

Article   2008  Evolutionism and Historical Particularism at the St. Petersburg Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography.  Museum Anthropology 31(1): 28-46.

Article  2006  “My Old Friend in a Dead-end of Skepticism and Empiricism”: Boas, Bogoras, and the Politics of Soviet Anthropology of the late 1920s-early 1930s.  Pp. 32-68 In Histories of Anthropology Annual.  Vol. 2.  Ed. by Regna Darnell and Frederick Gleach.  Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press. 

Article  2006 Events and Nonevents on the Tlingit/Russian/American Colonial Frontier, 1802-1879. Pp. 310-327 In Perspectives on Native North America: Cultures, Histories, and Representations.  Sergei Kan and Pauline Turner Strong, eds.  Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press. 

Article  2004 It's Only Half a Mile from Savagery to Civilization: American Tourists and Southeastern Alaska Natives in the Late Nineteenth Century. Pp. 201-220 In Coming to Shore: Northwest Coast Ethnology, Traditions and Visions.  Marie Mauzé, Michael Harkin, and Sergei Kan, eds.  Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press. 

Article  2001 Friendship, Family, and Fieldwork: One Anthropologist's Adoption by Two Tlingit Families.  Pp. 185-217 In Strangers to Relatives: The Adoption and Naming of Anthropologists in Native North America.  Sergei Kan, ed.  Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press.

Article  1996 Clan Mothers and Godmothers: Tlingit Women and Russian Orthodox Christianity, 1840-1940.  Native American Women's Responses to Christianity.  Special Issue of Ethnohistory, vol. 43(4): 613-641.  Ed. by Michael Harkin and Sergei Kan.

Article  1991 Shamanism and Christianity: Modern-day Tlingit Elders Look at the Past.  Ethnohistory 38 (4): 363-387

Article  1989 Cohorts, Generations, and Their Culture: the Tlingit Potlatch in the 1980s.  Anthropos 84:405-422.

Article  1987 Memory Eternal:  Russian Orthodoxy and the Tlingit Mortuary Complex.  Arctic Anthropology  24 (1):32-55. 

Article  1986 The Nineteenth-century Tlingit Potlatch: a New Perspective.  American Ethnologist  13 (2):191-212.  [American Society for Ethnohistory 1987 Robert F. Heizer Prize for the Best Article in the Field]. 

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Deborah L. Nichols

Deborah L. Nichols

Nichols, Deborah L. and Enrique Rodríguez-Alegría, eds. 2017. Oxford Handbook of the Aztecs. Oxford University Press, New York

Nichols, Deborah L. Frances F. Berdan, and Michael E. Smith, eds. 2017. Rethinking the Aztec Economy. University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

Nichols, Deborah L. 2017  Farm to Market in the Aztec Empire. In Rethinking the Aztec Economy, edited by Deborah L. Nichols, Frances F. Berdan, and Michael E. Smit, pp. 19–43. University of Arizona Press, Tucson

Hirth, Kenneth G., Michael E. Smith, Frances F. Berdan, and Deborah L. Nichols. 2017  Objects, Economy, and Empire: Scale, Integration, and Change. In Rethinking the Aztec Economy, edited by Deborah L. Nichols, Frances F. Berdan, and Michael E. Smith, pp. 278–292. University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

Berdan, Frances F., Kenneth G. Hirth, Deborah L. Nichols, and Michael E. Smith. 2017  Aztec Economy and Empire Through the Lens of Objects. In Rethinking the Aztec Economy, edited by Deborah L. Nichols, Frances F. Berdan, and Michael E. Smith, pp. 3–18. University of Arizona Press, Tucson 

Nichols, Deborah L. 2016. Teotihuacan. Journal of Archaeological Research. 24:1–74.

Nichols, Deborah L. 2016. Rethinking “Huitzilopochtil’s Conquest:” Elizabeth M. Burmfiel, Social Theory, and the Aztecs of Mexico. Ancient Mesoamerica 27: 153–162.

Nichols, Deborah L. 2015. Intensive Agriculture and the Development of Early Complex Societies in the Basin of Mexico. Ancient Mesoamerica 26: 407–421

Nichols, Deborah L. Frances F. Berdan, and Michael E. Smith, eds. 2017. Rethinking the Aztec Economy. University of Arizona Press, Tucson.

Stoner, Wes, Deborah L. Nichols, Bridget Alex, and Destiny L. Crider. 2015. The Emergence of Early-Middle Formative Exchange Patters in Mexico: A View from Altica in the Teotihuacan Valley. Journal of Anthropogical Archaeology 39:19–35.

Evans, Susan T. and Deborah L. Nichols. 2015. Civil Engineering and Ceremonial Space at Teotihuacan, Mexico.  In Human Adaptation in Ancient Mesoamerica: Empirical Approaches to Mesoamerican Archaeology, edited by Nancy Gonlin and Kirk D. French, pp. 25–52. University Press of Colorado, Boulder.

Nichols, Deborah L., Hector Neff, and George L. Cowgill. 2013. Cerro Portezuelo: State Formation and Hinterlands in the Prehispanic Basin of Mexico.  Ancient Mesoamerica 24:47-71.

Nichols, Deborah L., and Christopher A. Pool, editors. 2012. Oxford Handbook of Mesoamerican Archaeology.  Oxford University Press, New York.

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Rick W. A. Smith

Smith RWA, Monroe C, and Bolnick DA. 2015. Detection of Cytosine Methylation in Ancient DNA from Five Native American Populations Using Bisulfite Sequencing. PLoS ONE 10(5): e0125344. [pdf]

Zaneta Thayer

Zaneta M. Thayer

2017 Fox, M., Thayer., Z., and P. Wadhwa. “Acculturation and health: the moderating role of socio-cultural context" American Anthropologist 119(3): 405-421.

2017 Thayer, Z., Barbosa-Leiker, C., McDonell, M., Nelson, L., Buchwald, D., and S. Manson. “Early life stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, and allostatic load in a sample of American Indian adults” American Journal of Human Biology 29(3): e22943

2017 Thayer, Z., Blair, I., Buchwald, D., and S. Manson. “Racial discrimination associated with higher diastolic blood pressure in a sample of American Indian adults.” American Journal of Physical Anthropology: 163(1): 122-128.

2017 Wilson, M. and Z. Thayer. “Maternal Salivary Cortisone to Cortisol Ratio in Late Pregnancy: a Better Predictor of Offspring Birth Weight than Cortisol.” Psychoneuroendocrinology 78: 10-13.

2017 Fox, M., Thayer, Z., and P. Wadhwa. “Conceptualization and operationalization of the construct of acculturation in minority health research. Social Science & Medicine 176: 123-132.

2017 Thayer, Z. “Dark shadow of the long white cloud: Neighborhood quality and health in Aotearoa/New Zealand.” Social Science & Medicine – Population Health 3: 75-80.

2015    Thayer, Z. and A. Non. “Anthropology meets epigenetics: Current and future directions.” American Anthropologist 117(4): 722-735.

2015    Non, A and Thayer, Z. “Epigenetics for anthropologists: An introduction to methods.” American Journal of Human Biology 27(3): 295-303.

2015    Thayer, Z and C. Kuzawa. “Ethnic Discrimination Predicts Poor Self Rated Health and Cortisol in Pregnancy: Insights from New Zealand.” Social Science & Medicine 128: 36-42.

2014    Thayer, Z. and C. Kuzawa. "Intergenerational effects of maternal experience: Influence of SES on maternal and offspring stress physiology in New Zealand." American Journal of Human Biology 26(6): 723-730.

2014    Lee, J., Fried, R, Thayer, Z., and C. Kuzawa. "Preterm delivery as a predictor of diurnal cortisol profiles in adulthood: Evidence from Cebu, Philippines." American Journal of Human Biology 26(5): 598-602.

2014    Thayer, Z. “The vitamin D hypothesis revisited: Differences in UV exposure do not explain disparities in birth outcomes within the United States” American Journal of Epidemiology 179(8): 947-955.

2013     Kuzawa, C. and Z. Thayer. “Toppling typologies: Developmental plasticity and the environmental origins of human biological variation.” Rethinking Race and Science: Biology, Genes and Culture School of Advanced                Research Press: 43-56.

2012    Thayer, Z., Ferranil, A., and C. Kuzawa. “Maternal cortisol disproportionately impacts fetal growth in male offspring: Evidence from the Philippines.” American Journal of Human Biology 24: 1-4.

2011    Thayer, Z. and C. Kuzawa. “The biology of embodiment: epigenetic pathways to     health disparities” Epigenetics 6(7):798-803.      

2011    Kuzawa, C and Z. Thayer. “The Timescales of Human Adaptation: the Role of Epigenetic Processes and Policy Implications.” Epigenomics, 3(2): 221-234.


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John Mamoru Watanabe

John M. Watanabe

Maya Saints and Souls in a Changing World. Austin: University of Texas Press [now out in Spanish with a new preface as "Los que estamos aqui": comunidad e identidad entre los mayas de Santiago Chimaltenango, Huehuetenango, 1937-1990. Eddy H. Gaytan, tr. Serie monografica, no. 15. South Woodstock, VT and La Antigua Guatemala: Plumsock Mesoamerican Studies and Centro de Investigaciones Regionales de Mesoamerica, 2006].   (1992)

Pluralizing Ethnography: Comparison and Representation in Maya Cultures, Histories, and Identities. School of American Research Advanced Seminar Series. Austin: School of American Research Press (edited with E F Fischer).  (2004)

Racing to the Top: Descent Ideologies and Why Ladinos in Guatemala Never Meant to be Mestizos. Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies 11.  (2016)

Ritual Economy and the Negotiation of Autarky and Interdependence in a Ritual Mode of Production. In Mesoamerican Ritual Economy: Archaeological and Ethnological Perspectives. E. Christian Wells and Karla L. Davis-Salazar (eds.), pp. 301–322.  Boulder: University of Colorado Press.  (2007)

“Cooperation, Commitment, and Communication in the Evolution of Human Sociality,” in The Evolution and Nature or Sociality among Human and Nonhuman Primates , R W Sussman (ed.), pp. 288-309.  New York: Aldine de Grutyer (with B B Smuts).  (2004)

“Some Models in a Muddle: Lineage and House in Classic Maya Social Organization,” Ancient Mesoamerica , 15 (1): 91-98.  (2004)

With All the Means that Prudence Would Suggest: "Procedural Culture" and the Writing of Cultural Histories of Power about 19th-Century Mesoamerica. Journal of Latin American Anthropology 6 (2): 134-174.  (2001)

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