Applying for the Program


Anthropology: Two courses in Anthropology, one of which must be in Cultural Anthropology.

In addition, applicants must have maintained at Dartmouth a 3.0 cumulative grade average and continue to do so from the time of application through the time of departure for New Zealand. Applicants must not be facing academic or conduct discipline at Dartmouth. Anyone whose cumulative GPA falls below 3.0 can be rejected from the program even after formal acceptance by Dartmouth. Further, acceptance into the program by Dartmouth College constitutes only a recommendation to the University of Auckland's Foreign Student Admission Committee that the student be admitted to the University of Auckland as a special student specifically for this program. The University of Auckland makes the final decision on the Dartmouth student's acceptance. Enrollment limited to 20 students.

Application Procedure

The next foreign study program (FSP) at the University of Auckland, New Zealand will be in winter 2023. Applicants must apply online via the Guarini Institute for International Education. Anthropology applicants must complete the standard forms and one additional form relating to this program. Off-Campus Programs will obtain an up-to-date transcript.

For application deadlines, please check the off campus program website.

Selection Criteria

Applicants will be evaluated on a combination of academic preparation, personal attributes, and the quality of their application essay. One important criterion will be the strength of the applicant's preparation in anthropology. Priority by class (at the time of application) will be as follows: (1) juniors, (2) sophomores, (3) first-years.