Jiajing Wang

|Assistant Professor
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Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Jiajing Wang is an anthropological archaeologist whose research investigates the origins and spread of agriculture, food and cuisines, and cultural interactions in prehistoric China. She studies these topics by applying methods in paleoethnobotany, use-wear analysis, and experimental archaeology. Her current research examines the transition from hunter-gatherer to rice agricultural societies during the early Holocene period in the Lower Yangtze Valley of China. She has published articles in many international journals, such as Proceedings of the National Academy of SciencesPLOS ONE, Quaternary International, The Holocene, Antiquity, Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, and Journal of Archaeological Science Reports.


Silsby, Room 413B
HB 6047




  • B.A. Smith College
  • Ph.D. Stanford University

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