Ecology, Evolution, Ecosystems & Society (EEES)

The PhD program in Ecology, Evolution, Ecosystems & Society (EEES) is a new vision for scholarship, education, and service focused on understanding the complexities of human-environment interaction at different spatial and temporal scales.

At Dartmouth we believe that an interdisciplinary program holds the greatest potential for identifying, communicating, and ameliorating the challenges of rapid environmental change and corresponding social inequities. Dartmouth is well positioned for this role due to its tradition of international leadership in the natural sciences and interdisciplinary environmental studies. Anthropologists in the EEES program explore these dynamics using perspectives from archaeology, evolutionary biology, political ecology and other approaches. The EEES program, which brings together faculty from Anthropology, Geography, Biology, Earth Sciences, and Environmental Studies, is designed to train top young scholars to conduct innovative research while promoting capacity for integrating natural and social sciences to address the socio-ecological challenges of the 21st century. Prospective students should contact a potential EEES mentor.

Please visit the EEES website.