Global Health Minor

The field of Global Health encompasses an understanding of national health systems, diverse and pluralistic medical practices, and ideas about health, illness, and the body in cross-cultural contexts, as well as issues of socioeconomic development, the relationship between culture and epidemiology, health equity issues, and human rights. Our Global Health minor is built around this understanding of global health. 

About the Minor in Global Health

The Global Health Minor provides students with disciplinary introductions to sociocultural and medical anthropology, encourages an understanding of biological perspectives on global health, develops students' training in relevant research methods (qualitative/quantitative), and asks that students delve into interdisciplinary areas of inquiry related to global health. Core courses in medical anthropology provide an anchor for the Minor, but other offerings can be tailored to the intellectual trajectories of students. Students should submit to the Anthropology Department a brief rationale describing which course satisfies each requirement. 

The Anthropology Minor in Global Health consists of six courses, as follows:

  1. An introductory course: ANTH 01 - Introduction to Anthropology or ANTH 03 - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology.
  2. At least one course from each of the following five core approaches to the study of global health:
  • Biological Approaches - ANTH 06, 12.18, 20, 40, 41, 43, 62, 64, 70 or courses outside of ANTH such as the infectious disease section of BIOL 11
  • Cultural Approaches - ANTH 04, 09, 12.01, 14, 27, 31, 36, 37, 47, 48, 51, 58, 65
  • Interdisciplinary Approaches - ANTH 12.03, 50.02, 50.17, 62 or an additional ANTH course that stretches your exposure to the discipline and aligns with your interest in global health or a course outside of ANTH such as SOCY 34, 35, 65; GEOG 02, 06, 56; HIST 08.01, 36; ENGS 06, 12; PBPL 26
  • Methodological Approaches - ANTH 18 or another qualitative methods course such as SOCY 11, GEOG 11; a statistics course such as PSYC 10 or SOCY 10; or a course that explores research methods applicable to global health problems such as GEOG 56, ENGS 12, MATH 04
  • Social Studies of Medicine, Health and Disease - ANTH 07.02, 17, 45, 55, 60 or courses outside of ANTH such as SOCY 34, 35, 65; GEOG 02; HIST 08.01, 36

Four of the six courses for the minor must be taken within the Anthropology department. Students cannot use the same course to satisfy more than one requirement. Students wishing to substitute courses not listed above should petition the Anthropology Department in writing in consultation with a department faculty member. The Global Health Minor can be pursued simultaneously with the Dickey Center's Certificate in Global Health.

Global Health Minor Worksheet


Global Health Minor Graphic
Use this worksheet to plan and review your Global Health Minor

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