How to Declare an Anthropology Major or Minor

Major and Minor

Students wishing to declare an Anthropology major or Anthropology minor must submit a major or minor plan in DartWorks for department review. The department administrator and a faculty advisor will ensure that the submitted plan meets the general requirements of the Anthropology major. To facilitate the approval process, students may consult with a faculty member about their major plan or for quick help selecting suitable courses students may use a MAJOR or a MINOR worksheet.

For those students wishing to modify the Anthropology major, please consult with a faculty member in the department to prepare a written rationale explaining how the four courses outside of anthropology constitute a coherent modification of the major and relate to the seven anthropology major courses. The four courses used to modify anthropology can come from one department or program or from up to four different departments or programs. Once the rationale is approved by a faculty advisor, please submit a modifed major plan and paste in your rationale where appropriate in DartWorks. The department administrator and a faculty member will review the plan and rationale to ensure they meet the general requirements of the modified Anthropology major. Students may find the MODIFIED MAJOR worksheet useful when selecting courses or working with their faculty advisor to plan their modified major.

For the Global Health Minor in Anthropology (ANGH-MINOR), students should consult with either Professor Sienna Craig or Professor Elizabeth Carpenter-Song about which courses fulfill each of the minor's core approaches. Students may find using the Global Health Minor worksheet especially helpful when selecting courses for their plan.