Zaneta M. Thayer

I am a biological anthropologist interested in understanding how (biological mechanisms) and why (evolutionary origins) environmental experiences shape patterns of human biology and health. One important application of this interest is understanding how social inequalities create health inequalities. As such, my research has focused on evaluating how factors such as poverty, trauma, and ethnic discrimination affect health. 

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406A Silsby


  • Ph. D. Northwestern University
  • A.B. Dartmouth College

Selected Publications

  • 2017 Fox, M., Thayer., Z., and P. Wadhwa. “Acculturation and health: the moderating role of socio-cultural context" American Anthropologist 119(3): 405-421.

  • 2017 Thayer, Z., Barbosa-Leiker, C., McDonell, M., Nelson, L., Buchwald, D., and S. Manson. “Early life stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, and allostatic load in a sample of American Indian adults” American Journal of Human Biology 29(3): e22943

  • 2017 Thayer, Z., Blair, I., Buchwald, D., and S. Manson. “Racial discrimination associated with higher diastolic blood pressure in a sample of American Indian adults.” American Journal of Physical Anthropology: 163(1): 122-128.

  • 2017 Wilson, M. and Z. Thayer. “Maternal Salivary Cortisone to Cortisol Ratio in Late Pregnancy: a Better Predictor of Offspring Birth Weight than Cortisol.” Psychoneuroendocrinology 78: 10-13.

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