Quote of the Day - 03/22/2018 Hilaria Cruz

“My dream was to have a book to read to my daughter. This touches a core in me, and really elevates the language,” says Hilaria Cruz, Neukom Institute postdoctoral fellow, tells the “Star Tribune” on developing a children’s book in her native language.
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Recognizing Faculty Authors in the Humanities

"In 2017, faculty in the Arts and Humanities division published books on everything from Bob Dylan’s early song lyrics to the history of sexual science to how migrants are changing Italian culture." Dartmouth News Article on March 12, 2018 by Hannah Silverstein. Click here to read the full article on Dartmouth News

These are the publications from faculty of the Department of Anthropology:

Sergei Kan, Professor of Anthropology and Native American studies: Death in the Early 21st Century: Authority, Innovation, and Mortuary Rites (co-editor) Palgrave

Deborah Nichols, the William J. Bryant 1925 Professor of Anthropology: Rethinking the Aztec Economy (co-editor) University of Arizona Press; and Oxford Handbook of the Aztecs (co-editor) Oxford University Press
(selected by CHOICE as a 2017 Outstanding Academic Title)

Series on Environmental Archaeology Talks

The last of five lectures will take place on Tuesday, March 6, at 4:30 p.m., in Haldeman 041, sponsored by the Department of Anthropology and the Program in Ecology, Evolution, Ecosystems and Society (EEES):

"Microbial Archaeology, from the Microbiome to Milk"

Prof. Christina Warinner ( Max Planck Institute/Univ. of Oklahoma)

Light reception following in the Russo Gallery in Haldeman


Article: "Washing Out Trump’s Mouth with Haitian History"

Prof. Kivland article about the response of Jerry Rosembert Moïse -a prominent Haitian graffiti artist- to President Trump “shithole” remark, published on Anthropology News . Chelsey Kivland is an assistant professor of anthropology at Dartmouth College and studies street politics, insecurity, and public art in Haiti.

A Haitian artist responds to the “shithole” remark.

The day after President Trump referred to Haiti and the continent of Africa as “shithole countries,” Jerry Rosembert Moïse, a prominent Haitian graffiti artist, brought a provocative rejoinder to the insult to life. In a live painting demonstration in Dartmouth College’s Baker Library, he depicted Trump getting a spanking and a history lesson from children of Norwegian, Haitian, and Taino descent: the young teachers enumerated Haiti’s world-historical feats and the price paid for them to the potty-mouthed President.

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2017 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title

Professor of Anthropology Deborah L. Nichols's publication: The Oxford Handbook of Aztecs, edited by Deborah L. Nichols and Enrique Rodríguez-Alegría, has been selected by CHOICE as a 2017 Outstanding Academic Title.

"This comprehensive treatment, and the substantive nature of the 49 contributions, will stand the test of time, particularly in that it spans seven pivotal themes, including archaeology, historical change, landscapes, economic and social relations, provinces, ritual, belief, religion, and the Aztecs after the Conquest. The impressive range and depth of topics addressed is without parallel in Aztec studies, and clearly speaks to how far this critical area of inquiry has advanced in recent years. ... Summing Up: Essential. All academic levels/libraries." --R. G. Mendoza, CHOICE

Sergei Kan is appointed to russian journal Editorial Board

In January 2018, Professor of Anthropology and Native American Studies, Prof. Sergei Kan became a member of the Editorial Board of Etnograficheskoe Obozrenie, Russia's leading anthropology journal. This is the first appointment of a foreign anthropologist to the board.  Etnograficheskoe Obozrenie [Ethnographic Review] is one of the oldest Russian academic journals dedicated to the study of peoples and cultures of the world. The journal was founded in 1889 (published as Etnografia in 1926-30; and as Sovetskaia Etnografia in 1931-1991) and is a publication of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russian Academy of Sciences.