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Anthropology Day

On World Anthropology Day, Dartmouth's Department of Anthropology will open it's labs for discussions and demonstrations by the faculty and resident EEES graduate students.

Thursday, February 16, 2017
Silsby Hall - Anthropology Labs (013, 317, 318, 408A)
Intended Audience(s): Public
Categories: Free Food

The Department of Anthropology is joining colleges and universities around the globe to celebrate World Anthropology Day. The faculty and resident EEES graduate students will open up various labs in the department for demonstrations and discussions about archaeology, cultural anthropology, and paleoanthropology.
Everyone is welcome to drop by for open houses between 9:00a - 5:30p. Refreshments will be available on the fourth floor of Silsby Hall throughout the day.

The schedule of events for Anthropology Day at Dartmouth:

9:00-11:00a – Open house in the Human Evolution Lab – Silsby 013
View Dartmouth’s growing collection of hominid fossils and speak with EEES graduate student Ellie McNutt

9:30-11:30a – Open house in the Archaeology Teaching Lab - Silsby 317
Discuss what’s old and what’s new around the world with Dartmouth’s own archaeologists Profs. Deborah Nichols and Jesse Casana

1:00-3:00p – Open house in the Biological Anthropology Lab – Silsby 318
Check out the bones on display in the Department’s biological anthropology teaching lab with Prof. Bruno Frohlich and Emeritus Prof. Kenneth Korey

1:30-3:30p – Drone demonstration in the Archaeology Teaching Lab – Silsby 317
View the new tools archaeologists are using to uncover buried secrets as Prof. Chad Hill flies drones in the archaeology teaching lab

3:30-5:30p – Graduate studies and Engaged Anthropology – Silsby 408A
Come discuss the values and challenges of graduate studies in multidisciplinary research, and chat about the ways anthropology engages with activism and political resistance with EEES graduate student Grant Gutierrez.

For more information, contact:
Joseph Cadoret

Events are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.