Wesbrook Prize Winners

The Department of Anthropology awards the Mary E. Wesbrook prize annually for an outstanding student thesis. This prize was established by Margaret Wesbrook to honor her sister, Mary, the department's administrative assistant for thirty years.


Zoe Brown '20
"Built, Felt, Lived: Healing within North American Spaces of Retreat"

Nathaniel Gallagher '20
"The Blackpill and the Suffering Apparatus: Science, Masculinity, and Race as Represented on Involuntary Celibate (INCEL) Virtual Forums"
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Sumita M. Strander ’18
"Lost in Translation: The “Good Enough” and Sevā in Dementia Care for Indian Elders"


No theses were submitted


Andrés Mejía-Ramón '16
"The Paleohydrology of the Teotihuacan Valley: A Multi-Method Approach in the Prospection of Subsurface Hydraulic Features in Teotihuacan, Mexico"


Lindsey Y. Lam '15
“Just Child’s Play? Children’s Games and Play in Huaycán, Peru”


D. August Oddleifson '13
"Chronic lllness and Identity Formation: A Study of Cystic Fibrosis."


Sarah E. Cashdollar
"Sex, Babies, and Identity: Hispanic Teen Pregnancy as Identity Negotiation in Doña Ana County, New Mexico"

Jacqueline M. Waugh
"Women are Our Leaders: The Role of Language, Persuasion and Narratives in Iran"


Jennifer L. Koester '12
"Voluntourism: Mediating Interactions with the 'Other'"


Liana Chase '11
"Coping, Healing, and Resilience: A Case Study of Bhutanese Refugees Living in Vermont"

Cameron Nutt '11
"Growing Up with HIV in Urban Tanzania: An Ethnographic Study of Children’s Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy"


Rachael Kandath '10
"Anatomy of the Facial Musculature in Two Diurnal Anthropoid Primates: Exploring the Relationship Between Facial Mobility and the Muscles of Facial Expression"

Natalie Young '10
"Maintaining Boundaries, Maintaining Inequality: The "Tulane Bubble" Experience of New Orleans"


Robin Uhle '09
"The Lantern Festival: Illuminating the Question of Japanese Religion." (Thesis)


Adam M. Levine ’08
“The Present of the Past: An Ethnography of Antiquities Collectors.” (Thesis)


Jacob A. Appelbaum ’07
“Transforming Culture in a Modern World: Local Agency and Change in Tokelau.” (Thesis)


Alexandra Y. Spielhagen ’06
"Reclaiming Č’ixwcən: Contesting Burial Rights in the Pacific Northwest.”


M. Chloe Mulderig ’05
"Redefining 'Tradition' as a Dynamic Force: Challenges Facing the Tourist Industry in the Medina of Fès, Morocco"


Tate LeFevre ’04
"Seizing Identity, Manipulating Globalization: Vindicating Indigenous Culture Locally While Exporting It Globally in Lifou, New Caledonia"

William F.P. Reynolds ’04
"The Role of a Specialized Pastoral Economy in Early Political Developments in Yemen"


Marina Kwai Shan Ma ’03
"Examining Prehispanic Ceramic Exchange in the Basin of Mexico: A Chemical Source Analysis from Azcapotzalco"


Shannon C. Stoval '02
"Rethinking Occupational Stress Markers: A Case Study from Bronze Age Tell Abraq, United Arab Emirates"


Jeffrey A. Kahn '01
"Pilgrimage and Vodou: Rituals of Renegotiation and Reaffirmation in Northern Haiti"


Rachel C. Fleming '00
"The Future of "Tradition:" The Influence of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann on Traditional Music and Irish National Identity"


Kristin Sullivan '98
"Daily Life in the City of the Gods: Household Funerary Analysis of Two Site at Teotihuacan"