Jesse Casana

Academic Appointments
  • Professor of Anthropology

  • Ecology, Evolution, Environment and Society PhD Program

  • Program in Middle East Studies

Jesse Casana is an archaeologist whose research investigates settlement and land use history, the emergence and development of complex societies, and the dynamic interactions of humans with their environment.  Casana's projects explore large regions, embrace long periods of human history, and employ a wide range of technologies.  He has directed field projects throughout the Middle East, including in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Syria and Dubai, and collaborates on numerous other investigations around the globe.  Much of Prof. Casana's research is dedicated to developing new approaches to archaeological remote sensing using satellite imagery, drones, and ground-based geophysics.  He currently directs the CORONA Atlas Project, working to make Cold War-era spy satellite imagery available to researchers, NASA and NEH-funded efforts to explore archaeological landscapes using drone-acquired thermal and mulispectral imagery, and he co-directs the NSF-funded SPARC (SPatial Archaeometry Research Collaborations) Program. 


Silsby, Room 406
HB 6047




  • Ph.D. University of Chicago
  • M.A. University of Chicago
  • B.A. University of Texas at Austin