Alexandria Casteel

Ecology, Evolution, Environment & Society (EEES) Graduate Student

I am an environmental anthropologist with broad interests in Black ecologies and environmental justice. For my doctoral research, I am interested in examining forms of Black environmental care, concern, and activism in urban environments in the U.S. On one hand, this research is motivated by the ongoing racial and political tensions in the U.S. which have opened my eyes to the various ways that differences such as race inform the kinds of relationships we have with the environment, shape environmental debates and discourses, as well as determine access to nature and environmental amenities. On the other hand, I am also greatly inspired by my involvement in the "Ecology of Racism" book project and my increasing involvement in addressing justice, equity, diversity, and inclusivity (JEDI) concerns in EEES and the broader Dartmouth community.


HB Hinman Box 6047