Valedictorians and Salutatorians were named

Four Valedictorians and six Salutatorians were named by the College this year.  They’re at the top of the class, Valedictorians earn a perfect 4.0 grade point average and Salutatorians ear no less than a 3.99 grade point average. Two of this highly accomplished group of students added anthropology to their studies.  The information in this post is from the article: "Four Valedictorians and Six Salutatorians Are Named"  published in June 08, 2018  by Charlotte Albright from Dartmouth News.

Valedictorian, Katherine Clayton ’18,  Major: Government and French, worked in the "early hominin fossils" project with Professors Jerry DeSilva and Nate Dominy.

Salutatorian, Arielle Isaacson ’18, Major: Anthropology modified with Global Health, discovered anthropology when she took global health classes. She also participated in the Foreign Study Program offered by the Department and traveled to the University of Auckland, New Zeland, for ten weeks, where students study Maori history and colonialism with Prof. Sienna Craig. In her words: " I had just spent a term working for Partners in Health with the Navajo Nation, so it was really cool to go from that to studying Maori history and colonialism in New Zealand, and piece all that together in an academic setting abroad with a Dartmouth professor and a small group of students.

A fun fact is that both students are triathlonists, something that helped them keep a balanced life.

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