Anthropologists at Dartmouth: Dr. Hilaria Cruz

Hilaria Cruz is a Linguistics Neukom Postdoctural Fellow in the Program of Linguistics at Dartmouth College.   She completed a Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin in 2014.
Dr. Cruz is an expert in the Chatino language, the field of language documentation, description, and revitalization. She is currently teaching Language Revitalization, a cross-listed course in the Linguistics and Native American Studies Programs. In order to contribute to indigenous community’s efforts to revive and reinvigorate their native languages her class has constructed children’s-books in three indigenous North American Languages: Objiwe, spoken in Minnesota, Hupa, spoken in California, and the Chatino, spoken in Oaxaca, Mexico. The books are entirely in the native languages and they will be donated to native families and libraries. She is pleased to announce a public exhibit of the books in the main lobby of the Baker Library from February 18 to February 22. The exhibition coincides with International Mother Language Day, sponsored by UNESCO to promote awareness of language endangerment and to celebrate multilingualism around the globe. This project was conducted in conjunction with the Book Arts Workshop and the Jones Media Center.