Quote of the Day - 8/18/17 William Fitzhugh

From the Washington Post:

In 1845, two of the best ships England could build set off on a quest to find the fabled Northwest Passage — then vanished without a trace.

The mystery enthralled a generation of adventurers. No one could believe that the pride of the British Royal Navy, commanded by the legendary Sir John Franklin, had fallen victim to nature's wild menace. Convinced that there must be survivors, and tempted by the promise of a reward of 20,000 pounds from Franklin's wife, Jane, the best explorers of the era converged on the Arctic.

But 15 years after Franklin went missing, nearly 20 rescue attempts had turned up only bones and wreckage, and more people had died searching for the missing men than had been lost on Franklin's original voyage.

Find out how a newspaper publisher from the midwest became involved in the search.