Gibson '16 and Anderson '16 start a new website to memorialize the old Lodge

Sharing the Mountain is a project that aims to memorialize the expansive and intricate community that has been established at the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge, by sharing the stories and experiences of Dartmouth students, alumni and community members.

Throughout the site you will be able to explore a digital oral-histories archive. We invite you to discover stories, photos, videos, and interactive panoramas of the Ravine Lodge. We encourage you to engage with the site, and to contribute you own stories and photos through the “Share Your Story” feature. We hope that Sharing the Mountain serves as a forum for sharing, reminiscing, and sustaining the memory of a building that has meant so much, to so many over the past 78 years.

Click here to read the recent story in The Dartmouth about Connor Gibson '16 and Gigi Anderson's '16 Goodman-funded project.