How to Declare an Anthropology Major or Minor

Students wishing to declare an Anthropology major (ANTH-MAJOR) or minor (ANTH-MINOR) should consult with a professor of their choice in the department to discuss the Anthropology courses that most interest them and meet major requirements.  After verifying their choices, students can fill out a major plan in DegreeWorks, submit the plan, and have the professor approve it.

For Modified majors, students must consult with a professor in the department to prepare and submit a written rationale explaining how the four courses outside of anthropology that they want to use to modify Anthropology constitute a coherent modification of anthropology and relate to their anthropology major courses.  The four courses used to modify anthropology can come from one department or program (ANTH-ANTH:XXXX, "Anthropology modified with XXXX"), or from up to four different departments or programs (ANTH-ANTH:MOD, "Anthropology Modified").  Once the professor approves their rationale, students can submit their major plan in DegreeWorks for the professor to approve, and the professor will forward their rationale to the Department Administrator to be placed in their file.

For the Global Health minor in Anthropology (ANGH-MINOR), students should consult with either Professor Sienna Craig or Professor Elizabeth Carpenter-Song about how best to select courses to satisfy the different requirements, then submit a written list of which course they propose to use to fulfill each core approach.  Once this is approved, students can submit their Global Health minor plan on DegreeWorks for approval, and their rationale will be forwarded to the Department Administrator.