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  • The Changing Context of Rural America: A Call to Examine the Impact of Social Change on Mental Health and Mental Health Care

    Elizabeth A. Carpenter-Song , Claire Snell-Rood

    Psychiatric Services in Advance

  • Naming and forgetting - Sowa Rigpa and the territory of Asian medical systems

    Sienna Radha Craig, Barbara Gerke

    Medicine Anthropology Theory

  • How an American Marxist Helped Make a Bourgeois Anthropologist the Cornerstone of Soviet Ethnography

    Sergei A. Kan, Dmitry Arzyutov

    Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, Pp. 149-220 In Histories of Anthropology Annual, vol. 10

  • The Emergence of Early-Middle Formative Exchange Patters in Mexico: A View from Altica in the Teotihuacan Valley

    Deborah L. Nichols, Wes Stoner, Bridget Alex, Destiny L. Crider

    Journal of Anthropogical Archaeology