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  • Going To The People: Jews And The Ethnographic Impulse

    Sergei A. Kan

    Indian University Press. 2016

  • Social Exclusion and Survival among Families Facing Homelessness in Rural New England

    Elizabeth A. Carpenter-Song , Joelle Ferron, Sara Kobylenski

    Department of Psychiatry, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center

  • Alternative Accounting in Maternal and Infant Global Health

    Sienna Radha Craig

    Global Public Health

  • The Emergence of Early-Middle Formative Exchange Patters in Mexico: A View from Altica in the Teotihuacan Valley

    Deborah L. Nichols, Wes Stoner, Bridget Alex, Destiny L. Crider

    Journal of Anthropogical Archaeology