Transfer Credits

Guidelines for Dartmouth students to obtain transfer credit for anthropology courses offered at other institutions.

Transfer Credits

First, please read the guidelines available on the Registrar's website. Read this document carefully and fill out the required application, including the statement as to how a particular course contributes to your intended studies.

Second, you must obtain advance approval from the Department of Anthropology in order to get credit for courses in Anthropology that you plan to take elsewhere even if you aren't majoring or minoring in Anthropology and do not plan to do so. Applications must be submitted to the Chair of the Department of Anthropology at least a week prior to the Registrar's deadline.

The Department of Anthropology normally approves for transfer credit only courses not offered on a regular basis. Thus the equivalents of our introductory courses, including ANTH 1, 3, 5, 6, and 9, will not be approved for transfer credit, nor will other courses that we regularly offer. Please see our Courses Listings Schedule

If the course that you propose for transfer credit meets the above criteria, then submit the registrar's application plus a complete syllabus for the course that you intend to take, including the name of the instructor. You may have to obtain this information in advance from the host institution. This syllabus must show all assigned readings and exercises (exams, papers, quizzes, and other requirements) on a weekly basis. If the syllabus you need is not yet ready, submit one for the same course by the same professor when s/helast taught it; or if that too is impossible, submit one from the same course's most recent offering regardless of who taught it. Courses taught only by graduate students or by adjuncts hired solely to offer courses for foreign students are generally not approved for credit by this Department.

Transfer courses may never be used to replace seminars or to fulfill the Culminating Experience. Only courses from accredited four-year degree-granting institutions may be considered for transfer credit, and no credit is given for internship programs.

Normally, not more than two transfer courses from other institutions will count toward a major or minor in Anthropology.