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  • Infant Growth and the Thymus: Data from Two South American Native Societies

    Amanda Veile, J. Winking, M. Gurven, R. Greaves, K. Kramer

    American Journal of Human Biology 24: 768-775, 2012.

  • Tribus et mouvements islamiques en Afrique du Nord et au Moyen-Orient

    Dale F. Eickelman

    La Constant ‘tribu’, variations arabo-musulmanes, ed. Hosham Dawod. Paris: Éditions Demopolis (2013), pp. 17-48.

  • Writing the disaster: substance activism after Bhopal

    Dwaipayan Banerjee

    Contemporary South Asia 21, 3 (2013): 230-242.

  • Animals, Plants and People: A Review of Multispecies Ethnography

    Laura A. Ogden, William Hall, Kimiko Tanita

    Environment & Society 4:5-24.