Ryan H. Collins

Neukom Fellow

Ryan has conducted archaeological field research in the northern Maya lowlands since 2011, he graduated with his doctorate in anthropology from Brandeis University in 2018. Currently, Collins's research focuses on the role of ritual and identity in the development of urbanism and complex society in the ancient Maya world with a regional focus in the Northern Lowlands of Eastern Mesoamerica. To explore deep contexts and minimize destruction, Collins' research is using remote sensing to detect and digitally model and conserve the ancient landscape while working to precisely excavate areas of ritual activity. More than investigating the past, his research is part of larger public engagement initiatives to involve local stakeholders in the conservation of community heritage. In tandem, Collins is the co-founder of the digital media project, This Anthro Life: Podcast. Through digital media, Collins is building platforms to engage anthropological research and empower local communities to share public dialogues. Recently Collins co-authored "Los origines de los mayas del norte: investigaciones en el Grupo-E de Yaxuná" in Arqueología Mexicana with Travis Stanton. You can learn more about Collins' work and public engagement with his TEDxBrandiesUniversity Talk, Lessons on Social Difference from an Ancient Maya City. Read more about the Neukom Fellows here...


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Selected Publications