Petra M. Creamer


Petra Creamer is an archaeologist who researches the genesis and growth of empires and the impact of these empires on the non-elite populations under their hegemony.  She obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania's Art and Archaeology of the Mediterranean World program in 2021 with a dissertation investigating effect of Assyrian imperial culture on the mortuary traditions of capital and provincial residents.  She is an associate director of the Erbil Plain Archaeological Survey in Iraqi Kurdistan, where her ongoing fieldwork addresses long-term settlement patterns in the Assyrian imperial core.  She employs a variety of remote sensing applications to further understand infrastructure, population resettlement, and urbanism of the broader Assyrian landscape, tying into her interests on the genesis and mobilization of identity in contested spaces.  Petra has conducted fieldwork in the U.S., Italy, Azerbaijan, Iraq, and Greece.


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